Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hey All-
Macho Horse Rally here. DG took me out for a spin yesterday. It's been a while and I had been picking on the not so macho horses around the farm. DG kept telling Dude to get me out, but finally she had some time to do it. It's been so nasty here she told me she couldn't get out to the barn. The arena is a pretty decent mess too I hear. THere was a light layer of snow today though so it looked pretty and perfect.
It went pretty well. She worked on stopping and starting and showing me that there wil always be prep signals before I'm supposed to stop, slow, or get moving. We also worked on turning only with her seat and legs so she can stay out of my face. MARVELOUS. All of you must get your little humans to do this. She is switching my bit before our next ride to a D Ring Snaffle because she seems to think I know something about Dressage. If that still works, we'll switch out to a rubber D Ring. I am happy to stop with a voice commmand so I don't really need such a harsh bit. Things are looking good for me :)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Just thinking...

So I've been talking to my man and we both agree I'm a totally different person without my dear prideo. Not sure really what to do about that...other than get another horse :)
WHICH by the way there are 25 arabian horses in NH looking for homes. Perhaps?...