Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New and Exciting things!!

There I went again, over a month since my last post!!!
Well Friends, I am thinking of moving barns. The place she currently lives has been up for sale for over two years now, and the care has been slightly declining, as has the upkeep of the farm. Recently, the owners have purchased a second home and plan to rent the farm and move to the new home. I can only imagine their interest and upkeep of the farm will gently wane as their new home becomes all they ever wanted.
So I started looking around....and found the barn to end all barn hunts :)
Let me tell you about it, and I will provide photos after I take a few. I'll also provide you with the website after things are a little more set in stone!
1. First of all...60x120 indoor arena with clouds for footing (obviously I'm kidding here), this will be a new thing for us, to my knowledge Sugar has never been ridden indoors, and I haven't consistently ridden indoor!
2. Endless (joking) fields with hay thrown out with morning turnout
3. 150x250 outdoor arena, pretty great footing out there too!
4. Wash Rack
5. 40 acres to ride upon!
6. Beautiful, well kept, pre-civil war bank barn
7. A well established and well known horse woman to help us with issues and to give us lessons!!!
The woman who owns the barn has her own career outside of horses and a second career inside of the horse world as a well known judge. She keeps the barn population down by her choice as she doesn't attend shows these days, doesn't take on green or unbroke horses for training anymore, and uses her personal show horses for advanced lessons.
There may be great things in store for Sugar and I. For Rally and the boy...I am unsure, we broke up a while ago, and I've kept my eye on Rally. But I can't pass up this great opportunity for Sugar and I.