Monday, February 21, 2011

The great debate- Barefoot

Five days til a highly recommended barefoot trimmer - comes to visit Sugar & Rally.
Rally, the SuperGelding is of course super when it comes to his feet. They are wonderful barefoot hooves!!
Sugar on the other hand has those tiny halter-bred hooves and had shoes on for about a year before I bought her. I had them pulled by the barn farrier in early January and he gave her a trim, but I wanted someone that would help me get Sugar's best "hoof" forward. I want to give her every opportunity to be barefoot and from what I hear, this is the lady that can do it!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

How did you know that you wanted to ride English or Western?

Sugar is a western type breed, and she is a halter horse. She's also only three years old...four in two months!! But at this age, she could go either way.
I started western, bought Pride, went english, and now I have Sugar. I can't decide what to do!!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Macho Horse Rally is back at the keyboard-
I tried to make the annoying spotted thing look dumb again the other day, but dude's girlfriend wouldn't stop laughing long enough to realize how dumb the annoying spotted thing is. It's weird that they call her Sugar, she's annoying, not sweet. The annoying spotted thing eats my hay, she follows me around, she DOES EVERYTHING I DO!!! The only good thing spotted thing ever did was let us out to eat all the hay all night, but even then she cut herself and whined about it all night.
Anyways, back to my story,I told spotted thing there were treats in the bottom of the sawdust box on wheels. They bring it around after they scoop up my droppings. The annoying spotted thing went in while they were putting more sawdust down, took a deep breath, and stuck her nose the whole way to the bottom of the box. She dug, and fluffed, and wiggled her weird spotted head back and forth, and she still couldn't find the treats (hehehe). The weird spotted thing was in all the way up to her eyes. Therefore, to get out she blew all the sawdust out of the box, and all over the inside of the barn. Dude's girlfriend just laughed, and laughed. HELLO, annoying spotted thing just made a huge so-called mess all over the barn???

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Barefoot when possible, shoes when necessary

Dear Sugar,
After two years of searching for the perfect barefoot trimmer to come and see your bestie, Rally, I have finally found THE ONE!!! And now that you are part of the family, your little tootsies will get the star treatment as well:)
Rally has perfect barefoot hooves. He came to us without shoes, with hard, sturdy, never hurting hooves. In order to keep them that way, I've been looking on all the natural hoofcare websites to find a trimmer that would fit my guidelines. I knew that I would have a horse one day as well, and therefore not all the criteria were for Rally the SuperGelding. I e-mailed everyone on the lists and no one ever came near my little town, and those that did were the crazy barefooters or the crazy shoe people.
And last week, I found Patty Lynch. Her philosophy is the title of today's blog, and I can't wait to hear her opinions on everything. Yay SuperGelding and MoodyMare your feet will soon be taken care of!!!