Wednesday, February 9, 2011

How did you know that you wanted to ride English or Western?

Sugar is a western type breed, and she is a halter horse. She's also only three years old...four in two months!! But at this age, she could go either way.
I started western, bought Pride, went english, and now I have Sugar. I can't decide what to do!!!


  1. My guy is comfortable doing both English and Western. The first place I took lessons was only English, so that's all I knew. When I got Gem and started lessons at a Western barn, I was nervous that there would be big differences in style, but when it comes down to it horsemanship is horsemanship. The basics are the same, in my opinion. My instructor suggested I try Western for two reasons: 1) to help me with my balance issues and build confidence and, 2) because my ultimate goal was trail riding. There are riders where I board that alternate between English and Western tack all the time. Do both!

  2. Do both! A good horse is a good horse, and really both types of riding (when done properly and not nose dragging or using mechanical short cuts) are more similar than different.

  3. I just realized Teaspoon commented on this...thank you second commenter to ever comment my page!!! And I agree and that's what I've decided to do!!
    As always Wolfie, thank you for reading and I always like to hear your point of view because I can relate to you!!