Monday, March 28, 2011

Busy, Busy!!!

I got a new (to me) western saddle!! Please excuse all stains on my previously white spotted horse!!! Note the angry ears because I was trying to take a picture instead of giving her the full amount of attention royalty like Sugar deserves!!

I'm so busy lately!
Patty Lynch came out and did Sugar & Rally's feet. I learned so much and I feel like a much better horseperson after learning from her.
That said, I needed to learn a lot about hoofcare. Sugar had an abcess that I was totally unaware of. It may seem odd to be unaware of an abcess but I thought she had a stone bruise and please remember they live in a come and go as you please stall type situation. I now clean out her feet at least every other day no matter what. Patty thinks Sugar will be a great barefoot horse and that she can continue to be barefoot. She didn't like the slow growth of Sugar's feet, so she talked to me about changing around the feed we use (more on that later).
Rally has a bit of a type of thrush that I (nor Bryan) were aware of. Apparently, that's what has given the bottoms of his feet a bit of a concave look/structure and we are now all over that!!! We are using Tomorrow (normally used to treat mastitis in cows) and it seems to be working, however it is so hard to obtain. Tractor Supply no longer carries it, so I have to order it online.
I don't know enough about it, but it seems like Sugar may be developing it as well, I think I may take photos and send them to Patty. She will be back out on April 6th, but I won't be able to be there. Bryan will be in charge on that day but you know how men are...he won't get all the little details.

Anyways...they are now switched successfully to Triple Crown 30% Supplement. It is called a supplement, but it is fed as a feed. The 30% is for the protein amount, and though it does seem high, and some worry that it will make them hot, after EXTENSIVE research on it I have come to the conclusion that sugars and starches are what make horses hot...which this is low in. I think Sugar still needs extra calories, which I will adjust shortly if she does not gain a little bit of weight. Rally is fine on it, and he actually looks less like a pillow and more like a horse :) (sarcasm here, Rally is not in any danger of foundering so don't worry!!)

There's drama at the barn with the trainer that's been coming out and it's leaving a bad taste in my mouth. I used that trainer for about 8-10 lessons last year but I'm considering switching and looking around now. Perhaps I will just ride for the summer and enjoy my horse as my job situation is doubtful at best.

Sugar is bored and I'm dreaming up (CHEAP!!) toys to get/create for her. She has ripped down rain spouting outside of the barn, knocked the stall doors off their hinges and is getting destructive inside. I know she's bored but turning out to pasture at this point in time is not do-able and I can only get out there once a day during the week to get her out of the paddock. She is so smart that I know she gets bored with herself. I think I might see how she feels about squeaky dog toys. It could be fun to watch!!

I got a new (to me) western saddle!! Please excuse all stains on my previously white spotted horse!!!


  1. I am paranoid about my guy's feet. I only see him 2 or 3 times a week and I clean his feet before and after I ride. Great that you like your new farrier and that she took the time to explain things to you.

    What about if you got Sugar one of those Jolly Balls? You can either hang it in her stall or let her kick it around. The horses at my barn love them.

  2. It's so hard to notice all the little things with their feet. I feel like I can't learn enough about it!!

    She used to have a jolly ball, and didn't play with it much...but I might have to dig that out of storage as well. Nothing tried, nothing gained!! lol