Wednesday, December 16, 2009

To you, From Rally

Hey all, Rally here. I hijacked the blog because dude's girlfriend wasn't keeping up with it.
So dude's girlfriend finally gets some money to take her lessons. She loves the lady and she's actually riding way better. I finally understand what the majority of her cues mean.
The humans have a new thought on why I am the way I am. THey think someone just got on me and didn't give me any prepatory command. Well they've been working on it I tell you. First dude's girlfriend inhales (this is supposed to be #1 notification that we will be moving soon), then she clucks twice out loud (this is known as notification #2 to get my little legs moving), then she squeezes with her big ol' legs (which is comparable to hey knucklehead get your pretty little legs moving). I love it. I don't have to be nervous the whole time waiting to get my sides kicked in. Basically prepatory commands=marvelous.
So now that dude's girlfriend and her little trainer friend figured this out, DG (dude's girlfriend) decides we are both bored and wants to experiment a little. Turns out she knows how to push the right buttons and gets a turn on the forehand and some leg yields and side passing out of me. Ta-Da silly girl I am a most knowledgeable horse being.
I am ready now for my main man to get on so I can teach him the ways of life. Main man wants a black saddle though. Apparently Dude's Girlfriend is having trouble finding the right one. It seems like I don't mind her tiny little english saddle though.
On the day to day living note- It's really MUDDY!!!! I'm glad I have such amazing feet inherited from my Arabian side of things. Dude's Girlfriend decided to try precious Pride's blanket on me. They had to let the straps out quite a bit, do you think they are trying to tell me something? Pride was a full Arabian and he was mr.buff because he liked to show off for Dude's Girlfriend. It fits lenghtwise though. HOORAY!!!! I have a wonderful blue blanket now and of course I am the most handsome horse on the farm.
Dude's Girlfriend is trying to grow my mane out. She apparently is waiting for a contraption called MTG to come in at Tractor Supply. I don't want it to be too girly though. I am a macho horse.

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