Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Check out the followers, friends...11!!! Welcome Mare & Deanna!!! I enjoy reading about your teaching posts, Mare and I thought your mare's roached mane looked adorable, but looks really cute growing out as well!!! Deanna, I LOVE your Fjord. You'll have to share some of your tips on teaching her to neck rein!!!!

I attend school in the evenings as I work full time. I go two evenings a week for four hours. I also do two online classes, which I do all the work for on Saturdays. It seriously cuts down on ride time. However, other than tomorrow, I have three and a half weeks off of school...YES!!!!

Miss. Sugar better get her workout clothes on!
#1 thing to work on: ground work. She's getting pushy and I've got to put a stop to that, other people do handle Sugar, so pushiness is simply not allowed. It's hard to work on this, because she's fine in the arena where it's easy to work, but outside of the arena, she's not so fun.
#2 thing to work on: trotting, trotting, trotting. We both need it and if we ever hope to canter nicely again, we've got to get on it.
#3 thing to work on: ask for the canter after two weeks of trotting, trotting, trotting!!!

I found this little cat in the barn and took it to the York County SPCA. Her tail was badly injured or she would have been able to stay at the barn. I dropped her off on Saturday, but I might call back and see if she's still around. My friends randomly offered to donate to her adoption fee...


  1. Oh poor Kitty!! Glad you rescued her. Hopefully she's getting her tail all fixed up.
    Thanks for mentioning me~
    Love your blog!