Monday, June 20, 2011

Sugar won something!

I entered a photo of Sugar in the dirty horse contest on DressageMom and she was one of five winners!!! The prize is the new ShowSheen product, Finishing Mist. I will do a blog on it when it gets here!!

Patty Lynch, the wonderful amazing trimmer was out Friday and I had forgotten how much fun it is having her out! I always learn something and enjoy talking to her. Sugar and Rally's feet are doing much better, Sugar stands still for her now and she absolutely loves Rally. I've been working a bit with Sugar on standing still when things are being done to her...brushing, feet trimming, mane braiding...and she's doing much better. This is courtesy of Patty's first visit, when I was appalled by my little mare's behavior.
She commented on how perfect Rally's feet are and she really enjoys him, she even kissed his nose. Rally is a gelding, about 12ish and has always been barefoot since before we got him. Everything about him is easy. He doesn't need special feeds or anything to maintain a plump, healthy figure, sturdy hooves, or a happy demeanor. He's the first to greet you at the gate and is very respectful of your space. He ground ties and picks up his feet with ease. Everyone that meets him loves him. He makes a great role model for Sugar :)


  1. Must be the Appaloosa in Rally that makes him so good ;-)

  2. Darn, I was hoping it was the Arabian in him, but you may be on to something! All the Appaloosa geldings I've ever known are outstanding horses!!

  3. Congrats on Sugar's prize! Looking forward to the review. I am sure your farrier appreciated your efforts at getting Sugar comfortable with standing still! :-)

  4. Pictures will be included in the ShowSheen blog! lol and Patty trains horses to stand for the farrier, I guess it's like her niche! She taught me to work with Sugar on it and wow, has it made a difference!!