Tuesday, August 30, 2011

We survived Irene :) and Mucho Caliente arrived!!!

Well blogging friends, I hope you have all survived or escaped Irene as Sugar, Rally and I have. I work for a government agency that responds to disasters like these so I've been working my keester off all week and weekend at the office, then to the barn to see the princess.
In that spirit, I have seen this video making the rounds, and if you haven't seen it yet, definitely a pretty cool thing to watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=jaPRZd7gvJc
Probably a mounted search & rescue team, ears forward, slow, steady pace...a horse & rider team trained and experienced at doing what they do...nothing better!!
We didn't have any permenant damage to the barn, some flooding, but it was mostly gone the next morning. Lots of power outages around us, but none at the barn.

Prior to Irene, I got down to the local tack store (Tackroom Treasures) and spoke with the owner. She recommended a copper french loose ring snaffle. So I'm giving it a try. I had Sugar in a mullen mouth, but it's far too large for her, and I'm not sure she's very fond of it. Prior to that, the trainer I no longer ride with had us using a rubber full cheek snaffle, which she definitely did not like. So I figured why not give this a try. The next day, Irene started to hit the U.S. and I haven't had time to actually get on her with it! So hopefully tonight, or definitely tomorrow night! Any knowledge on bits is greatfully accepted :)

Patty, the wonderTrimmer was scheduled to come out in two days, but she e-mailed me last night and said she broke her arm and isn't sure when she'll be back to work! I wrote back and explained to her that we need her and how can we possibly go on without her! lol I also offered to come down and do a work day at her farm if she needs it (thinking who will care for her horses if she's hurt??) Not sure what else I can do for her, she's done so much to help us!
I did a bunch more research, and I believe I found someone that can take over in the meantime, plus this woman knows a lot about (equine) boots...which we will be purchasing in the near future. She also is a long distance rider...so I can't wait to pick her brains on that!!

And finally, last but not least, if you are following the Equestrian Ink summer book giveaway, I actually won a book, and it got here right before Irene did!! I haven't had the chance to even open it yet thanks to work, but I will be diving headfirst into it this weekend!!! It definitely is my type of book based on reading the back. Here is the book: http://www.amazon.com/Mucho-Caliente-Francesca-Prescott/dp/1606011707 I will be sure to let you all know how it is.


  1. Glad you and yours are OK. :-)

  2. Glad you escaped damage from Irene... sad about your farrier - how dare she break her arm! It's so hard when we are so dependent on folks who help provide for our horses!