Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I have a new follower!! Welcome Sarah V.!!! If you have a blog, please share it in the comments, I love to read new blogs!
The substitute trimmer came out, and I found her to be very informative and knowledgeable. She is also based out of Maryland, and specializes in fitting boots!!! Hooray!! Sugar has been fitted for boots and she's a size "0" (ohhh, to be a size 0 again:) in the Easyboot Gloves. I'm really thinking of buyine two (fronts), and trying them. She's very tender on rocks and pavement. So much so that I'm reluctant to take her to our arena, which has a rocky path leading up to it. They are only $58.00 USD right now at Valley Vet. Since I am a "barefooter", I think it's high time Sugar and I can ride where we please!!!
She recommended getting the boots ASAP (while the trim is still fresh), and wearing them in. Upon which time I am to add the power strap to them (small-ish strap that goes across the front for extra stay on power), and contact the trimmer for a small pad to put in the bottom of the shoe. This pad will help stimulate the bottom parts of the foot to keep it growing and assist in blood flow to the hoof.
Now, back to regularly scheduled Sugar-loving, we tried the new bit and bridle. The bridle just doesn't fit her head correctly, it's supposed to be Cob sized, but the noseband is HUGE. I'm thinking about throwing Pride's old bridle back on her. Hmm.
So she's basically cured of the sideways treks up the arena hill when I ride her. Do you ever have anyone else get on your horse to see if they are truly fixed or if you just ride them differently now?
Her newest thing is not wanting to turn well, or also bend her body with the circle. I know that pain can cause this, but to my knowledge, she has not hurt herself. Before I call the vet back out, can you guys offer any training help on getting them to turn better or bend with the circle? Of course we are working on the give to pressure stuff with turning, but other suggestions are greatly appreciated.


  1. If I'm having a problem with Socks I like to have other people ride her to see if it's just me or if there' something with her. Unfortuantly I don't know too many people willing to ride her, not that she's bad but she can be spirited to say the least.

    Socks recently went through a phase where she didn't want to turn right. As we're learning to barrel race, that was a problem. We just worked on circles a lot, of all sizes. We have a lot of jumps and jump standards set up in our outdoor so I'd take her out there and trot her around, randomly turning her around them and keeping her guessing what I was doing. It worked well with her but I don't know how well it would work with another horse.

    Can I ask what boots are for? I've been hearing a lot about them but I'll admit I'm a little ignorant and don't know why you get them.

  2. Yeah, all of the people at my barn ride older, calmer horses, so it's very hard to find someone to get on Sugar.
    I think I will try the sporadic turns- Thank you!! We have lots of obstacles in the arena, so there's plenty to work with. I believe she's getting distracted and not wanting to get to work!!
    Boots are basically an alternative to metal horse shoes. I was told that I could tell when Sugar needs boots and not shoes is to determine if she is comfortable in her living environment. Her living environment involves no gravel or large rocky areas, so that was the easy part for me. At that point, she only needs extra protection when under saddle.
    I have read and heard that many people with shod horses also keep boots around in case of a pulled shoe.
    Of course there are strong opinions & people on both sides!!