Monday, January 17, 2011

The horses are in the back yard!!

So a month ago, Sugar and Rally got out of their stalls, and into the barn, and had a free for all on the hay and feed (which had been in previously locked bins). It was the general assumption that someone had left one of their stall doors open. Sugar cut her front left fetlock that night as well.
Sunday morning, I went to feed, and opened the barn door, walked over to the feed bins, turned around and saw Sugar walking right out of her stall. Rally was half a step behind. I yelled at Rally to get back in there, and being the wonderful gelding he is, he did. I turned around to grab Sugar (who had wandered right over to the feed bins) and Rally ran out of the barn door.
Sugar saw him run out, spun, and took off after him. It's an amazing feeling to watch your horses running out of the barn door, away from you. Sort of like that old phrase...
After some play time in the yard, they went right to grazing. Rally the Superstar stood patiently while I put his halter on. Sugar the mare decided she hadn't been grazing in FOREVERRRR and didn't even want to pick her head up. Finally she did and then tried to walk me back to the barn. AHEM, mare, let's have a come to Jesus meeting before this goes any further.
And today, both horses are back in their paddock/stalls with modified latch.

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