Friday, July 15, 2011


Sugar: "Mommm, get over here, I'm bored!"
Me: Sugar, I'm coming, just a little busy at the moment.
Sugar: "Hello, NOW! Bored smart mare here!!!"
Me: I just have to tie my other boot!
SUgar: MOMMM! Hmm, I'll just chew on this weird spray bottle a while...
Me: Sugar, put that down, you are four years old, almost a grown up!
Sugar: CRUNCH!! So...I don't think the fly spray's going to work anymore Mom."
Me: Really, What gave you that idea? The 5,000 plastic pieces that are all over the floor now? Open your mouth, you probably have some in there.
Sugar: Finally, you're here! Get this nasty stuff out of my mouth...on the double, woman!

Oh, Sugar. :)


  1. Geez, horses can be worse than small children when it comes to putting stuff in their mouths! Hope she didn't swallow too much of that awful stuff!!!

  2. Laughing... it's amazing what horses will 'play' with!

  3. W- They really are...or at least some of them are (thanks to their owners who let them get away with it...that's me lol)!!!
    D- She really likes to gnaw on her brushes when she gets's cute!!!