Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The other day, the subject came up of subtlety (sp?). I have taken two lessons on a wonderful school horse recently, and the instructor tells me I am a good enough rider that I should work on subtlety now. I wonder if riding Sugar has made me unsubtle. Hmm.

Sugar did not want to stand while tied last night. She's been getting so much better at it that I was very bothered by the way she acted. I only tie her now by looping the lead over a board in the barn. She decided to simply, walk away. I put her back and said stand. She fidgeted and then walked away again. I backed her booty up and asked her to stand again. Turn around to pick up my brush and off she goes...oh the pleasures of a four year old :) Well, I can't have that!! I only wanted to brush her last night as it's SO hot (95 degrees and incredible humidity). But this called for some groundwork. So off we go, walking at the pace I chose. Now stopping where I choose. Sugar decides to not stop and keep walking in a circle around me. I asked her to instead move laterally because I asked for a STOP. She nipped at me, but not seriously, so I went boss mare on her and asked a little harsher. She moved until I asked for a whoa. We repeated this process until she stood still for the first request of "whoa". I like to call her an opportunist.

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  1. Good for you for not letting Sugar get away with walking off. She is an opportunist and I think that shows how smart she is. :-) I had a hard time about being harsher when correcting ground manners, but now I have no problem with making myself bigger and being more assertive when correcting.