Thursday, July 21, 2011

They don't have those here...

Do any of you read a Horse Crazy American In Germany?

Robo-Park...weird. It's like little building blocks of cars. I'm completely amazed by this so I had to share!!!

ON another note, it's supposed to get up to 100 degrees today with a 60% humidity...Sugar is parked in front of her fan and pretty much refuses to move elsewhere, come he!! or high water. I certainly am not going to force her out. Tomorrow is supposed to be slightly hotter...HEAT WAVE!!!


  1. Oh my goodness. How futuristic looking - but here it is!! Reminds me of the Borg on StarTrek. Haha.
    Like another Commenter said- wouldn't fit my truck!

  2. That parking garage is crazy!! Temps are bad here too (+40C with humidex!!), so no riding for me. I will be giving my boy a nice cool bath tomorrow. :-)

  3. I am dreaming of giving Sugar a bath...but I'm stuck in school tonight...BOOO.
    I think my Subaru would fit...I would be afraid it wouldn't get the right car out. I mean I'm sure it's proven software...but still!!

  4. I saw Horse Crazy's post and was very intrigued by the technology of the car park. Thought it was way-cool. I wonder how long it takes to sift and sort to get your car. I bet the owners can connect by computer to schedule their car's arrival.

    We're hot here, too. Ugh... But, I think I'd rather have summer than winter!