Monday, October 10, 2011


I received an award!!! Thank you both Wolfie (@What was I thinking) and CJay (@Artemis Areia)!!! This is my very first award and I can't wait to share it with fifteen others. That's part of the rules and the other part is to list seven new things about yourself.

1. I've played softball almost as long as I've been alive. I started out as a catcher, but it was awful on my knees and gave my teenage face a lot of pimples!! haha I moved to first base, and sometimes filled in in the outfield.

2. I'm a devoted Subaru owner. I learned to drive on a '95 stick shift impreza (with roll up windows and manual locks), and traded it in last year for an '08 Impreza, complete with automatic windows and locks, and the most important part, a "clicker". I have converted many of my friends to Subaru because of my deep love for the brand and also simply, the cars are amazing. I once climbed a mountain in my car, on a dirt road, with up to 8 inches of snow and ice in some spots. When I got to the top of the mountain, and parked, I looked around at all the other vehicles - all trucks except my little Subaru...can't beat that!!

3. I'm going to graduate college in December, with a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice. I've been reading all the news articles about the job market, and it is very hard to find a job. I'm looking and have been since early this summer!!

4. I recently got an Android phone, and I'm still getting used to it!!

5.I have two sisters and they are my very best friends in the whole wide world. I know many sisters fight, and we do, but there are way more times when we laugh and talk long into the night.

6. I have a red birthmark above my right eye, and people ALWAYS ask who hit you?? or what did you walk into?? And then I say oh, it's a birthmark!! They always get all embarassed, but I'm happy to tell them, I'd rather they ask and I explain it, then always wonder.

7. I'll be 23 in 15 days...and my birthday is my favorite time of year!!!

Now for the fifteen blogs:

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  1. Thanks :)

    I was never any good at softball, I can't catch and I can't hit.

    Good luck after graduation- it's a super tough market out there. Good for you starting your search early.

  2. Hey! Thanks so much for the award! I have to confess that I doubt I'll get around to passing it on... I know, it ruins all the fun but I'm just so short on time right now. Such a naughty blogger... sigh.

    Thanks again though. So nice of you! :)

  3. Thanks for passing on the award. You have so much to look forward to: your birthday coming up - Happy Birthday to you! And... graduation! Congrats!
    My son has an Android and LOVES it! You'll get the hang of it!