Friday, October 14, 2011

The value of a good horse on a rainy day

It's raining here again...big surprise. Kind of metaphoric for my life this week; hectic and stressful.
I went to the barn yesterday and Sugar was fairly dry. I decided to take some of my stress out on her dirty coat. I went to put her halter on and she put her nose down into the halter. (I'm not sure if everyone's horse is like that, but when Sugar does that, I know she wants attention and will be a good mare that day. I really needed a day like that after this week!!)
I looked her over and also found the perfect resolution for a stressful week...a very muddy mare :) We have this ritual; every brush I pick up she gets to smell, and then she takes the liberty of putting it in her mouth, turning it over, and mouthing that side. So I grab the metal curry, and bring it to her, instead of smelling it, she put her head around my shoulder in her best impression of a hug. She's never done that before, but it was such a humbling gesture. 
I brushed her for about half an hour and then put her back into the paddock. She hung around for a while, which is another thing she doesn't normally do...I really love that mare. She always comes through when I need it.

On an exciting note...we have 17 followers now!!!! Welcome:
Smazourek from It's Quarters for Me
Chelsea from huntseatcruizer
and Barbara B. It doesn't show your blog Barbara, if you have one please share it in the comments!!!

Trimmer coming out tomorrow, I'm going to get photos of Dakota's feet if I get the chance, you guys have to see them, I know Smazourek would like to get a look at them. They are so off kilter...

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