Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Oh Gogo :(

Today, I am writing a post honoring Andrea and Gogo, over at Eventing a Gogo. Gogo will cross the rainbow bridge today, after a long dance with soundness. This was the third blog I ever started reading, and I found it to be not only educational, but heartwarming and engaging. If you don't follow her yet, please try to take a look.
I had mere hours to say goodbye to Pride, but Andrea has had to watch her prized and special mare deteriorate. I commend her for trying every viable option for her beautiful bay mare. Gogo has lightened my day and taught me alot in the past two years that I've been reading. Losing Gogo is not her first equine loss; I can only imagine the pain of losing a second treasured friend.
Andrea inspired my barefoot journey, and I can't picture where I'd be without reading her blog. It's weird how you can feel like you know someone just by reading their online thoughts.


  1. Thanks for the suggestion of another great blog to read. I agree whole-heartedly with your last sentence. My non-blogging friends don't understand it! I think that if bloggers had a chance to meet over coffee or dessert, they'd start talking like they'd known each other forever!

  2. I totally agree with you & Dreaming! We Bloggers would be like old friends, if we ever got to meet!
    I'm so sorry to hear about Gogo. I will head over to Eventing a Gogo now -

  3. So sad about GoGo. I can't imagine what Andrea is feeling. I agree with Deanna and Dreaming....my blogger friends have been so supportive over the last two years that I think they know more about my riding journey than my family and riding buddies.