Wednesday, April 13, 2011


First of all welcome to my newest follower, Susan. That makes four!!!! YES!!!

In Sugar news:
Four days until Sugar's 4th birthday!!!

The traffic cone was an "epic fail". Sugar is uninterested in it. She played with it the first day but hasn't touched it since. So my next try will be milk jugs, as I heard on COTH that horses like to play with them.

I got Sugar & Rally a salt block which they are enjoying.

I also bought that "no chew" spray which Bryan applied to Sugar's chew toy (aka the barn door) and a tree that she enjoys chomping on. He said he went around and sprayed it on the spots, and Sugar followed him around and attempted to lick it off, but she made funny faces after taking one try of it...too cute!

I have a cute video of Sugar and the cone, and another of her spreading her own sawdust, I'll have to post them asap.

I'm ready for sunny and I posted this picture!!

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  1. Yay! I feel special. :-) And Sugar is very pretty. I had a horse we used the no chew spray with. Her faces were hilarious!!!!!