Monday, April 11, 2011

Sugar's barefoot journey - Post One

So, I decided to type Sugar's barefoot journey so I can remember it when I look back on it.
The shot from above doesn't show much, but if you look close, you can tell she has shoes on her back feet and I can tell you she had shoes on her front feet. This picture is from the day that I signed the contract to begin payments on dear Sugar :)The barn owner and person that I bought Sugar from used to keep all four shoes on all of her horses during all of the months that they could be ridden.
Bryan and I had only Rally at the time that I got Sugar and Rally was barefoot. We had been using a farrier that I wasn't that fond of at the time, but Bryan's horse means Bryan gets to choose who does his feet. As I educated Bryan more and more on the art of trimming, he agreed to stop using this farrier.
We keep our horses in a little town, at a little barn, in our little neck of the woods. We both like it this way because there's never any barn drama, there are never any CRAZY trainers trying to swoop in and overmanage the barn, and there's plenty of grass and pasture for our horses. But, that also means it's tough to get people to come out to the barn to work on our horses.

More to come!!

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