Friday, April 29, 2011

No riding last night :( But we did start weaning them on to pasture!! YAY!!

The barn owner wants Bryan and I to step into more of a farm manager position, which sounds pretty exciting. I created a website two years ago, so I'm updating that, and putting out ads for boarding. I wanted to get some opinions on it, before I send it out, so this is what I would use for like the online ads:

Small boarding barn in (town name) has openings. Geldings or mares welcome, though not currently set up for stallions.

We are a quiet, small farm with personalized care. Because our farm is small, we can boast the personalized care that your horse needs. We have the horses outside as much as possible with weather permitting. Daily turnout, twice a day feeding, always good hay and quality grain! Stall size 12 x 13, and matted with a high ceilings.

We have hosted miniature horses and donkey, Paint horses, Thoroughbreds, Tennessee Walkers, Arabians and Quarter Horses. We enjoy the mixture of breeds and how that ads to the "farm family". Some are western show horses, others relaxing and on vacation, others english hunt seat competitors...some enjoy trails. Also great for retired horses that need a nice, relaxed place to call home. We are an easy going farm and "no judgement zone"!!!!

Large outdoor riding arena and round pen available as well.

Please contact us via the e-mail address above for more information and to set up a tour, we look forward to meeting you and your horse!

and this is the website: ETA: I can't get links to post's the address you might have to copy and paste

I'm getting more pictures tomorrow...what would be a good idea to get pictures of? And should I have horses in the pictures of for example the arena and round pen, or best to be empty?

So constructive criticism is me out!!! Thanks!!

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