Friday, April 8, 2011

Lightbulb moment!

I got to ride last night :)
Last year, Sugar had this awful problem going to the right. She would just drift right out and go right on up this really steep hill in the arena. The only way to stop it was to pull her head around almost to my knee. The only time I ever fell off Sugar (so far) was the first or second time she did this. The trainer said she didn't want to work. Which is probably very true, but I think I found another cause last night. Plus it also seems to me, turning in the arena on flat ground is much easier than going crooked up a very steep incline.
Lightbulb moment = I sit heavier on my right side(mainly that little bone in your butt, aka seat bone). I have scoliosis and I believe this is a huge contributing factor. Mind you, it's not awful, but it's borderline to where the doctors want to do something about it. I get a lot of back pain, but I have never let it interupt my life...until now! Sugar can't be expected to tolerate that forever. I MUST start compensating for it and building a stronger core knowing that I sit heavier on my right bones!!!
Anwyays, once I started sitting what I believed was heavier on my left but must have felt pretty even to her she turned exactly as she was supposed to. LIGHTBULB!!!!!

As always, Sugar continues to educate me yet again!!! Who's the young/green/inexperienced here? I guess that would be me! lol Thank goodness she is so forgiving and easy to work with.

In other news: The trainer with drama messaged me and said she had a stall opening up at her barn for a month of training board. My quandry: She is a good rider and has a BEAUTIFUL barn, but her horses have awful ground manngers, and she seems to be involved in general horse drama. But I want so badly to get and give Sugar a good education that I'm not sure what to do.


  1. Good for you realizing that you were sitting heavier on one side. I do the same thing, although I am getting better.

    Tough decision about the barn. Is there any way the trainer can come to you rather than you go there?? I hate drama. I want to be able to enjoy my time with my horse stress-free. I have my riding friends, but I work at not getting involved with the day to day drama and gossip. Do you think you can just get what you want without being involved? If so, perhaps it's worth a go....

  2. How did you start to overcome sitting heavier on one side??
    I thought long and hard over the weekend and I decided to not go to that barn or trainer. I just don't want to be a part of all that drama. I think Sugar simply needs miles under her girth and I decided that's what we'll do this summer. I may take a few lessons from another trainer that are a litle more $$ but more value for my dollar!!