Thursday, April 7, 2011

Patty's Thoughts

She said Sugar's feet look amazingly better!!! Woo-hoo!!!! The number one thing I wanted for my horse is well on it's way to, correct, comfortable hooves.
I think that's a great goal to work towards because to have barefoot, correct, comfortable hooves, the horse must have regular trims, proper nutrition, excellent exercise, and a wonderful environment. Sugar (& Rally) are getting all of these things now and they are so much happier and better behaved now.
Sugar's abcess has completely grown out and that makes my day!! She hasn't taken a lame step, but the thought of her having an abcess makes me cringe.
I think I posted my worries on here about the TC 30% Supplement making them hot, but it has not yet. In fact, Rally is much calmer and Patty said he was not tense at all. Sugar's body looks better, not that it was awful before, but it looks REALLY good now.
I get to "farm sit" the farm where Sugar & Rally live this weekend so I plan to take Sugar out and hand graze her for a little to start her back on grass for the year, oil the heck out of my newish saddle, find a leather place to get my bridle fixed, and hopefully scrub those legs down!!

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  1. Congrats on your barefoot transition!! Yay! I don't know if you have seen Shannon's recent posts over at It's Quarters for Me. She has recently transitioned her horses and has done a series of post about barefoot/hoof care. I found the series very interesting and educational. :-)