Monday, May 2, 2011


Got to ride this weekend!!! I also practiced giving Sugar "turn here" cues a little sooner, which she seemed to appreciate. Perhaps I'm too used to riding arena horses and I need to realize my own horse is NOT arena trained!!! Which is a good or bad thing...

In other news...let me tell you about a text conversation today.
Boyfriend- sends picture message of snake
Me- Yikes!!! Is that Rally & Sugar's fence?
Bf- I saved Sugar!!
Me - Did you kill it?
Bf- Sends picture of dead snake
Me - I kind of feel bad for it...
Bf- It went into Sugar's area and she tried to play with it...i saved her! lol
Me- You're like my very own knight in shining armor...

Dear Sugar: Please refrain from playing with snakes, some of them can be deadly. You are lucky this snake did not get you!!!

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