Monday, May 23, 2011

Great Weekend

What a beautiful Saturday we had here in PA. I rode Sugar bareback for her first time!! (her first ever, not mine). She was perfect, I rode her in the round pen to be sure we had good control. Right after I got on her, someone decided to pull in and park a camper about 50 ft. from the round pen. She looked a little, but I reminded her that we're working, and she went on about the ride. When i got off, she watched them a while, but no spook...I just love her!!
Her winter coat is almost all gone. I learned something from Patty the other day...if the extra long guard hairs remain on your horse, they need wormed!! We wormed them last weekend...Rally was a little difficult but not awful. Sugar was very interested in the packaging.

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  1. Wow, bareback. I am so envious. Some day... :-) Good Sugar for not spooking!

    We will be deworming in the next couple of weeks. We are on a pretty cool program at the place where I board. Our vet recommends that we only worm once a year in early summer and do fecal tests throughout the year to make sure that the worm count is within acceptable levels. Our BO takes 5 fecal samples from different horses every few months. The thought behind this program is that you are not deworming when it isn't necessary and that your horses will not become immune to the dewormer over time, which could be devastating when they are older.