Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Something is wrong with my comments! I can't comment back to you Wolfie. But here is what I wanted to say...
You should try's awesome! lol And it made me a better rider :) I used to lean forward everytime something out of the ordinary happened, and then the instructor I had while riding Pride took away my saddle for a month! We did everything bareback, and I thank her for it to this day! I rode all over the farm bareback, I even trotted bareback and it was really cool. Pride was a very patient fellow and he didn't mind going along bareback, stopping, getting down, looking at something in our path, sidling up to a rock/fence/tree/etc. so I could get back on. It really assisted my canter seat. Someday, when you get the chance to do it, you should! It was a little shaky for me at first, but then I got the hang of it!!

The wormer...we literally JUST switched to the way you seems to be the new way to do it...I'm excited that we don't have to dump chemicals down their throats every other month!!!


  1. You rode without a saddle for a month!?? Holy crap. I have heard that riding bareback is excellent for building balance. I think getting on might be OK using a mounting block, but how do you get off a 16.0hh horse??? One day, one day..... :-)

  2. Hmm...neither Sugar nor Pride were/are over above 15.1...You're screwed! haha jk...maybe a tailgate of a truck...I once rode a clydesdale, and that's how I got on him! lol