Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Six people want to know about Sugar's little life :)
Today, I'm welcoming Knight to the blog!!
So more on riding this weekend.

As I've stated before, Sugar has this tendency to go right on up the steep little rock hill in the arena...I've got to get a photo, it's quite dangerous. So I've really been working on that. This weekend, I gave her the cue to turn a little earlier, and that seemed to help a lot. I also got her more focused on working on collection rather than toodling up the side of the hill.
I tried a new bit for her, and she really seemed to prefer it. It's a mullen bit, with egg butt type sides. I'm not sure if that's what is normal for that type or not. I bought it for another horse I was riding, and Sugar's been chomping on her rubber full cheek, so I thought time to change it up!
It's a little large for her, so if she continues to do well in it, I'll probably go buy one just for her. I also decided that her bridle is extraordinarily large for her head. I bought it used from the old trainer, so I don't know if it's regular horse size or not. My cob size bridle fit her on it's largest settings. This bridle is kind of loose on it's tiniest settings. Off to the consignment tack store...i think so!!

SO I find myself wondering if the earlier cues are what made the difference or the new bit...I suppose we shall find out as time goes on!!

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  1. Congrats on #6!!

    My instructor had me use a "lifter" bit on Gem and once I got over my own nervousness using it, I did find that it made a difference. I had no idea that bits were so complicated! :-) Re bridle you can always punch some more setting holes to make it a smaller fit if you can't find something at the consignment store. :-)