Monday, May 9, 2011


First of all, I just found out Sugar's sister lives about ten minutes down the road from her, I'm trying to arrange a visit!!
So on Saturday, we free lunged and did some liberty work. Also, I brushed her and she stood still at the tie post without being tied!! I am not a natural horsemanship crazy person but I love to do some of that stuff!! Free lunging is my favorite because Sugar gets to kick up her heels and I get to see her move almost totally naturally (it's a 60 ft round pen so I don't think horses were really meant to run in circles). So after she gets to fiddle around for a while and burn some energy, we get down to some more challenging work. She mimics me with ground work. I "cluck" and begin walking, and she does too. I say whoa, and stop, and she stops. I turn around and walk in place, and she backs up. This weekend, we even got turns down. I turn left or right, and she does too!! I tried to get her to trot with me, but she wasn't as keen on that. Oh well, that will work out!
On Sunday, I really wanted to get a quick ride in, but the only thing I do at the barn on Sundays is feed in the am and let the horses out. So I decided to ride before she got to eat...she was not happy. She was kinda bad actually. But I got her all tacked up (no thanks to her), and headed down to the round pen. I got on her in the round pen, and left the gate open. I worked with her a little in there, until she seemed to be more focused on me, at which point I decided to ride around the farm. She passed the arena digger, the tractor, the trailer with four wheelers and snow mobiles, all without a look. She passed the truck cap, saw her reflection and startled! What a good mare, she spooks in place normally. I love her!

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