Thursday, May 19, 2011

Let me in!

So Sugar (& Rally) are getting weaned onto pasture. Her stall is on the end, because she was the last horse to arrive at the barn. The pasture they are in has a gate on the opposite side of the barn, and the electric braid fending has the little handles right by her stall. I've never let her in through there.
So when I call them in from the pasture, I step out, whistle, and Rally comes running (he's a food hound). Sugar looks up, takes three more bites, and starts walking. Then she starts trotting, right up to the little handles in the electric braid fencing. She stands there like hey mom, let me in. I'm hungry. I point to the gate at the other end of the barn. She looks at the gate, and looks back at me. Hmm. I decided to walk down to the gate, and she follows me on the other side of the fence, til she sees it, comes blasting through, and right over to her stall. Oh mare, you are too cute :)

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